Going to see the Orcale

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If i went to talk talk to the Orcale i would ask him the fate of the young man that came for the murder of the girl. The reason for this is because you just want to the know what they are going to do with him sacrifice or anything.

The most shocking and interesting things

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I think when okonkwo drank out of the human head was pretty shocking

When he went into the cave in the hill and heard voices and spirits flying around.

Journal #1: Beginning of the Semester Questions

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  1. 1.      To me, English class is useful because

 it teaches us how to communicate and speak correctly

  1. 2.      If you were given an extra $20 in change at Wal-Mart (or somewhere else…), what would you do with it and why? 

 i would spend spend it carefully for things i need.

  1. 3.      a. What do you know about the 10th grade writing test? 

 i dont know much about the writing test.

  b. How have you felt about writing tests you’ve taken in the past?  Why?

 They are not useful in any way.

  1. 4.      a. My favorite thing about school is weight training.


  1. b.   My least favorite thing about school is How long it lasts.

 5.      a. What makes a class good/interesting?

 I like more hands on things rahter than doing things out of a book

  1. b.   What makes a class bad/boring?

 Sitting around all day working with pencil out of a book.

  1. 6.      After high school, I plan to go to the marines.


  1. 7.      What is your favorite memory of high school so far?

 the last day of freshman academy.

  1. 8.      If your house was on fire and you could only save 5 things, what would they be?  (Assume that all family members, pets, etc. are already safe.)

 Gun,Phone,Clothes,Pictures,Letters from my uncle in the marines.

  1. 9.      If you were given a million dollars and 24 hours in which to spend it (no depositing it in the bank, investing, etc.) what would you do with it?  

 I would just go buck wild and try to buy as many things as i could.

10.In a few sentences, describe your feelings on the freshman academy.  Do you think it was a good thing for you?  In what ways did the academy benefit or not benefit you?  How does it feel now to be a sophomore and not a freshman anymore?

I think freshmen academy is no good for the freshmen they need to be able to talk to older people in class so they can show them the ropes and how things work in highschool.

Hello world!

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